About Us

Intelligence in Compressor Controls

We are a group of engineers and mechanics who have grown up and worked in contract manufacturing, production, and mechanical services for many years. We understand the importance of reliable and consistent compressed air production in small and large businesses alike and are familiar with the problems that exist in compressed air networks.


Compressed air is mission critical for organizations and is typically installed in environments where workers are not equipped with the knowledge, tools or time to properly manage the air network. For years, we have witnessed the day to day mishandling of compressed air networks by individuals who think they are helping, but either do not know what they are doing or are just blindly repeating tasks assigned to them.


Over time we have seen how years of aging affects the infrastructure and performance of compressors. All of us have seen in our careers as poor condensate, humidity and pressure maintenance have deteriorated compressed air networks and increased operation down time.


Now we are finally doing something about all of this. Together, we gathered all of our knowledge and experience built the ultimate in compressed air network controllers leveraging artificial intelligence and taking the uncertainty out of compressed air network management and maximizing the life of the compressors.


We built the Compressor Controller so businesses can forget about their compressed air network and focus on their business.