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Our partners are a huge part of our success, and as a result, our Affiliate program is unlike any other in our industry.


And yes, it is true. We do have the most lucrative affiliate program in our industry.


For each referral you’ll earn 10% commissions… LIFETIME commissions. This means that for every person that you refer to Compressor Controller Group that becomes a customer, you will earn commissions for their transactions for as long as they remain an active and paying customer.

10% Commissions: 


Model R1 Single: $49.90

Model R2 Duplex: $89.90

Robust Tracking

View clicks, conversions, and your payouts all in one place. Track signups, leads, and new users across your account.

Marketing Materials

Quickly grab a banner, create a link, copy an email, even a PPC ad campaign. It’s all done for you to help you succeed.

Contests & Bonuses

We offer new affiliate contests and bonuses throughut the year to capitalize and get the most out of promoting Compressor Controllers.

We are excited about your interest in becoming an affiliate partner of the Compressor Controller Group and look forward to working with you. The Compressor Controller is a new product that brings necessary, low cost automation to managing air compressor networks and relieves small business owners from the confines of constant compressor oversight.


We launched the Model R1 in July 2017 and it was met with immediate demand from local auto body shops and contract manufacturers who consistently commented that the management of their air compressors is one of their largest headaches. Most small business owners need little convincing that it is critically important to delegate the responsibility of air compressor management to advanced electronics that were designed specifically for that purpose.


We quickly decided that an Affiliate Program is the best way to put this in front of the small business owners who need it the most. The Compressor Controller is unique in its approach to compressor management making it an open market with enormous potential to make hundreds to thousands of dollars a week depending on your network and exposure.


There are a few important requirements that must be met prior to becoming an affiliate of the Compressor Controller Group:


Requirement 1: You must purchase and install a Compressor Controller so that we know that you understand the product and its benefits.


Requirement 2: You must take a picture of your installation and leave a testimonial on the website relaying your personal experience with the Compressor Controller. We encourage honest feedback so that we can incorporate good ideas and adjust as the market demands.


Requirement 3: Fill out the Application on this page.