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Our Case Study Library helps illustrate the value of our Compressor Controller systems for a variety of unique applications.


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Air Quality


A North Carolina electronics manufacturing and assembly facility supplied the air network with multiple reciprocating piston air compressors and experienced fluctuation in the air network pressure which increased the run cycles for the pumps. The company suspected that the high amount of wasted components and excessive energy energy costs were related to the varying pressure in the compressed air network. The network consisted of two reciprocating air compressors, one 3.5 Hp and other 5 Hp and the air pressure fluctuated between 104 psi and 138 psi.

The Installation: Time and Effort


Each air compressor required the installation of Compressor Controller Model R1. The total installation  for both took 1 hour and 24 minutes and required two sets of additional valves:  1 vent valve NO ⅛”NPT with 1/16” orifice, and a 1 drainage valve NC  ¾”NPT with 1/8” orifice to be installed on each compressor.


The main Results:

  1. The pressure fluctuation decreased by 20% which allowed the facility to reduce the working network air pressure from 120 psi to 100 psi which will save about $800 a year;
  2. The condensate in the air network decreased by ⅔, reducing the service hours spent for draining all inline water traps by 40 min a day, projecting a direct savings of about $5,200 a year;
  3. Sustainable pressure and fluctuations at the SMT machinery was reduced by ~15%, which improved component placement and other tooling performance.



The estimated savings in production and repair costs are $3000 a year.


Total direct savings are estimated at $9,000 a year.


Indirect savings on preventive maintenance are estimated at $2,500 a year

The Specifics: Details & Numbers


Air Compressor 1:  


Air Compressor 2:  

Auto Body Shop

A North Carolina small auto body shop had to shut down operations for a day because the only reciprocating air compressor that supplied air to the shop failed when the compressor pump burned out. The mechanic replacing the pump drained and saved the oil to show the business owner the likely culprit on the burnout. The oil was heavily contaminated with condensate from the expansion tank and mixed within the pump during compression, reducing the lubrication and eventually causing the downtime. The owner was faced with a total compressor replacement and installation after about one year of operation by the previous one.

The Installation: Time and Effort


The installation of the Compressor Controller was incorporated with the new replacement compressor and was installed, connected and tested, in approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes.  The compressor was equipped with two additional valves: 1 vent valve NO ⅛”NPT with 1/16” orifice, and a 1 drainage valve NC ¾”NPT with 1/8” orifice.


The Results:

  1. The air network pressure stabilized and digitally maintained resulting in less fluctuation. The network pressure was reduced from 130 psi to 90 psi which is projected to save about $1,000 a year;
  2. Condensation in the air network dropped ~70%, preventing the humidity and corresponding oil residue and debris from reaching the air tools. The estimated savings from replacement tooling is about $1,200 a year;
  3. The business included a small paint booth that required an air dryer which was constantly being drained , using about 5kW during operation. After the Compressor Controller installation, the dryer power consumption was reduced to approximately 3kW during operation resulting in an additional savings of $235 a year;
  4. Protection from overrunning and overheating is difficult to estimate , but the total equipment replacement cost was $2,300 plus installation time and materials of $600. Now, the business owner can rest well without worrying about the compressor overrunning and leading to downtime.



Total direct savings is estimated at $2,600 a year.


Indirect savings on equipment replacement estimate $2,900


Systematic and sustainable operation – invaluable

The Specifics: Details & Numbers


Air Compressor 1:

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