Compressor City
Easily Network Multiple Air Compressors Together

Embedded expert controls optimize air network performance based on live feedback from each air compressor for automated, distributed control in almost any conditions.

Perfect Pressure

Each air compressor is individually controlled with one designated Master Controller and digitally monitors and maintains the air network ensuring consistent pressure.

Simple Integration

Linking air compressors together has never been easier. Installation of each Compressor Controller takes less than 90 minutes and then they are directly wired together in series.


Compressor Controllers intelligently connect to one another easily allowing scalability in pneumatic needs. Adding or removing compressors is seamless without impacting service.

Compressor City


Linking multiple compressors together to make a Compressor City

The Compressor City network is created when a Compressor Controller is wired to another master or slave Compressor Controller (using two wires, polarity agnostic). This enables multiple compressors to work together to digitally maintain the desired level of pressure on air compressor systems. Control a single-pump, two-pump, three-pump or four-pump system.

With the Compressor City connection, only the pumps necessary for operation will run and each pump will balance their run times. This intelligent operation of pumps will eliminate overload and equally distribute the wear and tear among all of the pumps in the Compressor City.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does this system compare the other compressor controller systems?

It Does not. We have found that most systems that we have seen are very costly and requires a considerable learning curve – we designed ours to be inexpensive, effective and simple to use.

Can you customize the compressor controller?

Yes, We regularly work with customers to add or extend the functionality of the compressor controller, if you have an interest in customizing your compressor controller, please contact us.

What is the maximum number of compressors I am able to connect?

Unlimited, There is no limit to the number of compressor controllers that can be linked together with our Compressor City networking standard.

What is the warranty on the Compressor Controller?

We offer a 15 day, no questions asked return warranty and a 1 year parts and labor warranty. For full terms see our warranty page.

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Parameter Component Details Comments
Power Input Power 12V DC , 2W, 0.2A typical
CPU ATmega328p Low-power, CMOS 8-bit microcontroller, AVR® enhanced RISC 20MIPS
Display LCD 20×4 Blue LED back-light
Sensors Temp/Humidity 20..90%±5%RH, 0..50°C±2°C Digital, self calibrating sensor
 Sensors Temperature -40..+125°C, ±2°C, linear ±0.5°C Analog, self calibrating sensor
Relay Output AC or DC 10A 250VAC
Installation IP21 only Indoor or Sealed enclosure
Temperature Operational -10..+60°C
Temperature Storage -20..+80°C
Humidity Operational 10..85%RH, non condensing
Ventilation Cooling convectional
Dimensions Overall 7.1W x 5.4H x 2.3D
 Dimensions Installation Opening 6.6W x 4.7H  typical