Model R1
Automating Simplex Air Compressors

Single Compressor Controller

The Model R1 brings low cost automation through digital precision and control to single stage reciprocating air compressors. Install and immediately save money and energy while increasing the quality of your air and performance of your machinery. Artificial Intelligence learns air usage patterns and adapts to continually improve the air network performance.

Perfect Pressure

Digitally set high and low points and the Compressor Controller will monitor and self-adapt to reliably maintain air network pressure within the preset pressure band.

Simple Integration

Installation of the Compressor Controller takes less than 90 minutes and is easily intergrated, with no major reconfiguration of the existing air compressor setup.


Growing or shrinking compressed air assets has never been easier. Compressor Controllers intelligently connect to one another easily allowing scalability in pneumatic needs. 


Our embedded expert controls optimize the air compressor performance based on live feedback. Now you can forget your compressor unless an alarm indicates otherwise.

How The Compressor Controller Works


The controller continuously monitors environmental conditions and compressor pump temperature. Connected to a controllable vent valve, it starts the pump unloaded and closes the valve when it is warmed up, reducing startup current and preventing the compressor oil from being contaminated by water.


The Compressor Controller evenly cycles run time for each pump of a duplex air compressor, preventing overloading and optimizing the air compressor system performance. Even wear and tear of the pumps reduces the individual burden on each and extends their life.


Using a math driven procedure, the Compressor Controller drains condensate when it is actually present, automatically expelling it through the drain valve with minimum air loss. This maintains a better, more consistent air pressure without unnecessary waste, improving the performance of air tools.


Immediately upon installation, the Compressor Controller will decrease the water in the air lines and air compressor water traps, reduce energy consumption, stabilize the network air pressure, and decrease the unnecessary wear and tear on the compressor pumps.


Simplicity is the key. The Compressor Controller has a single button to display valuable metrics about air compressor operation including: PSI, compressor pump operating temperature, compressor cycle time and Hobbs hour meter.


Artificial Intelligence within the Compressor Controller learns the patterns of how the air compressor operates and makes adjustments over time to improve air compressor performance and ensure uptime. Over time, you can forget about your air compressors unless you hear the buzzer ringing.


Front / Back Panel Layout

Model R1 Single – Front Panel Layout

Model R1 Single – Back Panel Layout

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does this system compare the other compressor controller systems?

It Does not. We have found that most systems that we have seen are very costly and requires a considerable learning curve – we designed ours to be inexpensive, effective and simple to use.

Can you customize the compressor controller?

Yes, We regularly work with customers to add or extend the functionality of the compressor controller, if you have an interest in customizing your compressor controller, please contact us.

What is the maximum number of compressors I am able to connect?

Unlimited, There is no limit to the number of compressor controllers that can be linked together with our Compressor City networking standard.

What is the warranty on the Compressor Controller?

We offer a 15 day, no questions asked return warranty and a 1 year parts and labor warranty. For full terms see our warranty page.

Do you ship outside the US?

Yes we do ship outside the us, however we only ship a minimum of 10 controllers or more per order outside the continental us.  

Do you have a question we did not cover?



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    Parameter Component Details Comments
    Power Input Power 12V DC , 2W, 0.2A typical
    CPU ATmega328p Low-power, CMOS 8-bit microcontroller, AVR® enhanced RISC 20MIPS
    Display LCD 20×4 Blue LED back-light
    Sensors Temp/Humidity 20..90%±5%RH, 0..50°C±2°C Digital, self calibrating sensor
     Sensors Temperature -40..+125°C, ±2°C, linear ±0.5°C Analog, self calibrating sensor
    Relay Output AC or DC 10A 250VAC
    Installation IP21 only Indoor or Sealed enclosure
    Temperature Operational -10..+60°C
    Temperature Storage -20..+80°C
    Humidity Operational 10..85%RH, non condensing
    Ventilation Cooling convectional
    Dimensions Overall 7.1W x 5.4H x 2.3D
     Dimensions Installation Opening 6.6W x 4.7H  typical