Retrofit Air Compressors with
Full Automation
Saving Money and Reducing Downtime
The Compressor Controller is simple to install, easy to use controller designed for electric single and duplex pump reciprocating air compressors.  It’s a true manager-in-a-box controller system that optimizes performance, reports conditions, and delivers savings at all times. It is a durable, real time computing system that uses feedback and analytics to control air compressors based on what is happening in the moment rather than the imprecise binary options provided by switches and timers. Proactive, self-learning control reduces energy consumption and lowers costs while improving the safety and reliability of compressed air systems making the Compressor Controller a purchase that pays for itself year after year.  
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Features CCR100 (R1) CCR200 (R2)
Intelligent air tank drain control - reduces moisture content in compressed air
Optimized automatic unloader management - reduces pump oil contamination and lowers startup current
Air line rupture detection and overrun prevention
Intelligent overheat protection
Precision pressure band gap all time
Cycle and Hour usage meter
Compressor-City Compatible

Model CCR100 (R1)

for Single Air Compressors

The Compressor Controller Model CCR100 is a universal controller for all types of single pump (single or multiple stage) air compressors.

Model CCR200 (R2)

for Duplex Air Compressors

The Compressor Controller Model CCR200 is a universal controller for all types of duplex pump (single or multiple stage) air compressors.  Designed for air compressed systems with two pumps that are connected to the same expansion tank – the Compressor Controller alternates the pumps evenly so servicing can be performed at the same time on both pumps.

Connect the Compressors Controllers
with a pair of 16AWG wires in a daisy chain.

Compressor City
Easily Network Multiple Air Compressors Together

Linking multiple reciprocating air compressors of different types, sizes, and brands together is simple to do with the Compressor City connection. Now compressor owners have a reliable retrofit automation solution that provides the flexibility for expansion and adding air compressors.

How The Compressor Controller Works


The Compressor Controller always ensures that the motor is started while it is unloaded reducing startup current and allowing the motor time to warm up before engaging the pump.


The Compressor Controller evenly cycles run time for each pump of a duplex air compressor, preventing overloading, optimizing the air compressor system performance and extending their life.


The Compressor Controller precisely calculates and exactly drains condensate with minimum air loss, preventing unnecessary air waste that triggers repressurization which is unnecessary energy waste.


By precisely calculating and removing condensation, the amount of moisture in the compressed air network plummets oftentimes resulting in no longer needing additional driers.


Single button use displays valuable metrics about air compressor operation including: PSI, compressor pump operating temperature, compressor cycle time and Hobbs hour meter.


The Compressor Controller will automatically detect and alert of leaks or ruptures and maintains a series of operational data records for review with access on the screen.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does this system compare the other compressor controller systems?

It Does not. We have found that most systems that we have seen are very costly and requires a considerable learning curve – we designed ours to be inexpensive, effective and simple to use.

Can you customize the compressor controller?

Yes, We regularly work with customers to add or extend the functionality of the compressor controller, if you have an interest in customizing your compressor controller, please contact us.

What is the maximum number of compressors I am able to connect?

Unlimited, There is no limit to the number of compressor controllers that can be linked together with our Compressor City networking standard.

What is the warranty on the Compressor Controller?

We offer a 30 day, no questions asked return warranty and a 1 year parts and labor warranty. For full terms see our warranty page.

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Model Name: CCR100 / CCR200
Input Power: 110-220VAC
Compressor Controller Power: 12VDC 0.5A
Maximum Relay Output (AC/DC): 250VAC 10A  / 24VDC up to 0.3A
Digital Pressure Sensor Thread: ⅛ NPTM
Product Dimensions (W x H x D): 7.1 x 5.4 x 2.3 inch
Weather Protection: IP21 – Indoor or installed in a sealed enclosure
Operating Conditions (Temperature / Humidity): 14°F to 105°F  / 10..85%RH , non-condensing
Installation opening in enclosure ( L x H ): 6.6 x 4.7 inch (recommended)
Warranty: 1 Year limited


Compressor Compatibility


Max Number of pumps 1 / 2
Single / Dual  Pump Reciprocating Compressor Yes / Yes
Single & Multiple Stage Reciprocating Compressor Yes
Diaphragm  Reciprocating Compressors Yes
Power Type Electric


Compressor Controller Control Outputs:


Output RelayType Normally Open and

Normally Closed Relay outputs

Relay Outputs for: Unloader Valve, Drain Valve, Compressor Run (A or A & B), & Aux pump fan
Max Relay Output Ratings (AC/DC) 250VAC 10A  / 24VDC up to 0.3A


Pressure settings:

The (low/on and high/off ) pressure cut on / off settings are digitally set by user, on the back panel of the compressor controller and it can be set anywhere between the range of minimum and maximum, the standard Compressor Controller ships with the following pressure ranges:   


Standard Pressure Range: Minimum: 40 psi  Maximum: 160 psi
Custom PSI range Minimum: 0 psi  Maximum: 5,000 psi


Custom ranges are available (up to 5,000PSI) as custom order options requiring a liability waiver, please contact SAM Controllers for more information . Please contact the SAM Controllers factory for customization options, within 24 hours directly following your order.