Recover the capital outlay of the entire compressor purchase within 3 years in energy savings alone.

Is your Air Compressor Running?

Electricity is the biggest cost when operating an air compressor, often times the cost of the electricity just for two years is greater than the cost of the entire air compressor.


When operating more than one air compressor, the energy use and wear typically increases – especially if there is not an intelligent control system to manage them.

What is Your Air compressor Costing You?

For this example, an Air compressor operating:

8 Hours per day for 262 Days a year (2,096 Hours total) with 90% efficiency at a cost of $0.11 /kWh

0 HPs

$ 0 Electric Cost

Compressor Controllers saves on your electricity cost.

Adding compressor controllers to your air compressors can realize significant savings. The amount of savings largely depends on your existing setup and usage. Typically customers see a drop of 10-15% in electricity cost by having the compressors not startup all at once.

Get the Controller