Savings on energy and better quality air starts with your air compressor.

When using air compressors there are many ways to save on energy. Installing VFDs, lowering the pressure, and turning off the compressor at night will increase your energy efficiency but that savings is only a drop in the bucket compared to the cost of running an air compressor. The cost of using an air compressor can be in the thousands of dollars and if you are using a  dryer that cost can double in size.

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Air Compressor Itself
Maintenance & Installation
Air Compressor Operation (Electricity)

Using springs and timers isn't proven.

Most reciprocating air compressors are managed by a pressure switches spring, as the temperature changes and the spring wears causing pressure drift (20% / year), waste and underperformance. Timer based compressor management systems claim energy savings. But they cannot adjust to the changing usage and temperatures without reprogramming daily, and who has the time for that? The Compressor Controller found a better way: active feedback. 

Active feedback changed everything.

Why should you become an expert at figuring out your air compressors programming?  The active feedback based Compressor Controller does that automatically. Using the active warm start technology lowers the stress and energy use during pump starts.  Then monitoring for overheating and ruptures while in use and draining the tank automatically for a 100% reduction in moisture content in the tank.  The active feedback in the Compressor Controller optimizes air compressors in Real-Time, by constantly evaluating environmental and operational conditions and adjusts compressor operation to continuous peak performance, self-adjusting in real-time. 

Active Warm Start

Intelligent control of compressor pump startup, effectively lowering the startup peak power draw and maximizing the life of compressor and pump oil.

All Digital

The system is fully digital from the pressure control sensors that eliminate drift to operational metrics such as pump temperature and cycle and hour counters.

Smart Drain

Calculating how much water is in the tank and automatically draining the tank for a 100% air moisture reduction with minimal air pressure waste and no clogs.

Compressor City

When running low on capacity or needing redundancy, simply connect a compressor with the Compressor Controller forming a Compressor City air network.

Compressor Controllers saves on energy
& increase air quality. Here’s the proof:

A Department of Energy-funded Product Performance Study carried out by engineers at Pecan Street in 2019 demonstrated that the compressor Controller is able to deliver startup energy savings of  23% and a compressed air moisture reduction by 100%.  Why is this significant? 

100% Moisture Reduction in compressed air may mean that air drying can be reduced or eliminated altogether.

23% Startup Energy Savings means that everytime the compressor starts it uses less power and puts a lower strain and wear on the compressor.

Moisture Reduction

Energy Savings

whos already using the Compressor Controller?

What Clients Say?

"Saved my Shop"
The Compressor Controller worked exactly as it should have when the pressure sensor broke. I came in the next day and the pump was off and alarm was on. It saved my pump from running all night.
Bob Earl
CNC Machining
"Great flexibility."
The more I use your product, the more I like it & I really didn’t know I had such a need in the first place… [..] a business running several tools at once, this is a must in order to keep a compressor running like new.
Steve Holbert
Central Flying Service

Meet the Compressor Controller

The Compressor Controller Retrofits Air Compressors with Full Automation that Saves Money and Reduces Downtime. It is simple to install and easy to use.  

Designed for electric single and duplex pump reciprocating air compressors.  It’s a true manager-in-a-box controller system that optimizes performance, reports conditions, and delivers savings every time you use it making it a purchase that pays for itself year after year.