Air Compressor energy Efficency and better Air quality Just Got Easy!

Introducing the Compressor Controller: unlock immediate savings and stabilize the performance of the air compressor and the tools it powers. By automatically optimizing the compressor the Compressor Controller typically pays for itself within the first year, making it a valuable asset to streamline compressed air system and reduce costs.

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What does an average 7.5-HP air compressor really cost?

Air Compressor and Instalation Cost

Why the Compressor Controller for a 7.5 HP compressor in numbers

AV Yearly kg of CO2e Eliminated
Av Yearly Utility Savings
Av Lifetime Utility Savings

Where is the waste?

For years, air compressors have relied on traditional components like pressure switches with springs, timer-based controls, and standalone air dryers. While these tried and true methods have been around for a long time, they come with hidden costs that can significantly impact the bottom line.

Cost of switch

Springs Drift

Most air compressors come with a factory-installed pressure switch containing springs and diaphragms. Due to temperature fluctuations and wear, the pressure can drift by up to 20% per year, leading to significant energy waste, reduced performance, and higher costs. There’s also a risk of the spring switch getting stuck running indefinitely if debris or insects get caught or the spring breaks , potentially causing damage and failure.
Average yearly energy waste
Cost of timer

timers Just Dont know

 While timer-based compressor management systems promise energy savings, they fall short in adapting to real-world conditions. These systems cannot automatically adjust to fluctuating usage patterns and temperature changes without daily reprogramming – a time-consuming and impractical task. 
Average yearly energy waste
Cost of Dryer

Overworked Air Dryers

Air dryers, responsible for removing moisture, frequently operate beyond their required capacity, inadvertently increasing the energy consumption of an air compressor system. (The Compressor Controller, in certain situations, may even render a separate dryer obsolete, thereby further diminishing equipment and operational costs.)

Average yearly energy waste

Active feedback changed everything.

The active feedback-based Compressor Controller automatically optimizes air compressor operation, maintaining peak performance, maximum efficiency, and enhanced safety. By constantly evaluating environmental and operational conditions, the Controller eliminates the need for manual daily programming. User preferences can be modified, but the default settings ensure optimal performance without extensive training. Investing in a Compressor Controller with active feedback programming streamlines air compressor management, allowing you to focus on other critical aspects of your business while achieving maximum operational efficiency and safety. 

Operational Benefits

Active Warm Start

Intelligently manages
compressor pump unloading during startup, reducing peak power draw, reducing pump-oil water contamination and extending the life of critical components.

All Digital

Drift-free digital pressure sensor and precise tracking of operational metrics (hours run, maintenance timer, and issues) ensuring optimal performance.

Smart Drain

Automatically calculates and drains moisture from the tank, achieving 100% air moisture reduction without wasting pressure or causing clogs.


Effortlessly add additional compressors to an air network with pairing two Compressor Controllers together to increase capacity and or redundancy.

Added Safety

Overheat and Overrun Safeguards

The Compressor Controller continuously monitors pump temperature and runtime, detecting when critical thresholds are reached. This advanced protection detects and prevents additional damage from overheating or excessive wear, ensuring the longevity of your equipment.

Rupture Detection and Prevention

The controller identifies sudden ruptures in air networks and prevents the compressor from starting, shielding air systems from costly damage and minimizing downtime. This proactive approach safeguards your investment and keeps operations running smoothly.

Compressor Controllers saves on energy
& increase air quality. Here’s the proof:

A Department of Energy-funded Product Performance Study carried out by engineers at Pecan Street in 2019 demonstrated that the compressor Controller is able to deliver startup energy savings of 23% and a compressed air moisture reduction by 100%.  Why is this significant?

100% Moisture Reduction in compressed air may mean that air drying can be reduced or eliminated altogether.

23% Startup Energy Savings means that everytime the compressor starts it uses less power and puts a lower strain and wear on the compressor.

Moisture Reduction

Starting Current Reduction

who is already using the Compressor Controller?

What Clients Say?

"Saved my Shop"
The Compressor Controller worked exactly as it should have when the pressure sensor broke. I came in the next day and the pump was off and alarm was on. It saved my pump from running all night.
Bob Earl
CNC Machining
"Great flexibility."
The more I use your product, the more I like it & I really didn’t know I had such a need in the first place… [..] a business running several tools at once, this is a must in order to keep a compressor running like new.
Steve Holbert
Central Flying Service

Meet the Compressor Controller

The Compressor Controller: All-in-One Cost Savings and Performance Optimization

Retrofit your air compressors with the user-friendly, easy-to-install Compressor Controller for full automation, reduced downtime, and substantial savings. This manager-in-a-box solution optimizes performance, reports conditions, and delivers savings with every use, making it an investment that pays for itself year after year.