Are you getting the MOST out of your air compressor?

The Compressor Controller is a state-of-the-art machine learning control system for reciprocating air compressors that automates operation saving thousands of dollars in lifetime operating costs while delivering better air quality.

Compressor Controller = Better Air Compressor Performance


Startup Current Reduction

with smart valve management


Tank Moisture Reduction

reliable and efficient auto tank drain


Annual Air Pressure Drift

accurate pressure sensing and control


Pays for itself

savings on electricity & maintenance

Using the Compressor Controller is the smart choice for air compressor operation!

But don’t just take our word for it – here is what people are saying:


built into every Compressor Controller

The Compressor Controller combines Real-Time environmental and operational sensing into a model that drives the control of the compressor. This immediately improves compressor operation to continuous peak performance, self-adjusting in real time to the changing environmental conditions.

Automatic Air Line Rupture Detection

Compressor Pump Soft Start

Automatic Tank Drain


Tank and Line Rusting

Peak-Demand Charges

kW/h consumption

Downtime & Maintenance





Air Quality

The Compressor Controller

installs in an Hour

 The Compresor Controller can be connected to virtually any new or used reciprocating air compressor. Take a look at our installation page to see how easy it is.
Quick Start Guide

No time To Build your own?

We can install it for you

We do it for you, ship us a new or used air compressor and we will retrofit and send it back to you with the compressor controller installed.
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