Compressor Controller Installation Video

This instructional video demonstrates the step-by-step installation process for the Compressor Controller Model R1, designed for single pump reciprocating air compressors. The video covers the entire installation process, from unboxing the kit components to connecting sensors, wiring the controller, and setting up valves. It provides detailed explanations of the controller’s functionality, wiring conventions, and the importance of proper valve selection. The presenter offers valuable insights on enclosure selection, sensor placement, and safety precautions. While focusing on a revision 1 controller, the video notes that the process is similar for newer revisions. It concludes by directing viewers to additional resources like the owner’s manual, Tech Talk discussion boards, and related YouTube channels for further information.

Video Summary

0:00-0:52 – Introduction

  • Overview of the Compressor Controller Model R1 kit contents
  • Mentions this installation uses revision 1, but functionality is same as revisions 2 & 3

0:52-2:16 – Preparing for Installation

  • Installation broken into two parts: enclosure and external valves/sensors
  • Importance of disconnecting power and depressurizing tank before starting
  • Selecting and preparing an appropriate enclosure

2:16-4:18 – Connecting Enclosure Components

  • Mounting and connecting temperature/humidity sensor, buzzer, power supply
  • Explanation of wiring color conventions
  • Overview of normally closed vs normally open relay functionality

4:18-5:46 – Valve Types and Functions

  • Explanation of normally closed vs normally open valves
  • Drain valve and unloader valve functionality
  • Importance of orifice size for unloader valve

5:46-7:37 – Wiring the Controller

  • Connecting DC power and control wiring
  • Wiring AC power for valves and motor control
  • Adding optional power switch

7:37-8:33 – Installing External Sensors

  • Installing pressure sensor on compressor tank
  • Mounting and connecting pump temperature sensor

8:33-9:45 – Completing Installation and Additional Resources

  • Final steps for temperature sensor installation
  • Mention of owner’s manual for detailed instructions

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